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Nadia Ruiz

As a young child, I always wanted to compete and participate in community sports, however, it was my siblings who were the active ones that my parents often enrolled in sports. One day, I watched the Ironman World Championships on tv and it opened my eyes that maybe one day I can do one too. I then signed up for my first marathon untrained, not knowing what I was getting myself into at the age of 14. Inspired, my father signed up with me and we ran our first Los Angeles Marathon in 1999 crossing together the finish line hand in hand in tears. That moment forever changed and I fell in love with the sport of endurance. In the past twenty years, I have now ran +140 marathons, +100 half marathons, 16 ultras, 5 Ironmans and several other obstacle, stage, and adventure races. It has become the lifestyle I love.


My favorite product by far is the Triswim line. I train and am active on a daily basis not only for my sport, but also because movement gives me my happiness, therapy for the day. Training often means showering often, which can lead to dry skin and/or hair. Fortunately, I have been using Triswim along with Dermasport for a few years every time. I love how it has been able to maintain the health and shine of both my skin and hair, while leaving me with the fresh cleaning feel even after a pool or ocean training day.

How many pets do you have?

How many years have you been competing?

How old were you when you first started competing?

Earliest Memory:
When my pre-school teacher asked me what do you want to be when you grow up? I said: A teacher and an artist. She said, what if you had to pick one. I said: no, I want to be and do it all. Now three decades later, I have lived to that young child’s dream of going after my dream. I teach, I coach, and I create – I am an artist and storyteller of my own life and the beautiful thing is everyone can be too.

Greatest Inspiration:
my parents, left everything, who came from nothing, to build something – a dream for their family.

What type of pet do you have:
13 year old Labrador (Max), 12 year old boxer (Bruno), 2 year old Dudley Labrador (Buster)


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