• removes chlorine, chlorine odor & salt water
  • eliminates green tint
  • hydrates & moisturizes
  • heals dry, itchy skin & hair
  • relieves dandruff, eliminates pool rash & relieves symptoms of eczema 
  • salon quality

Simply put, Chlorine cannot be removed with normal soaps and shampoos. TRISWIM’s unique formula combines Chlorine and saltwater removing properties with salon quality blends consisting of vitamins, botanicals, Keratin, and proteins. What swimmers love about TRISWIM is that it is a full line of shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion; from head to toe, leaves the swimmer Chlorine and saltwater free, healthy, and smelling great! 

For 16 years TRISWIM’s loyal customers have been all ages of men, women and children who are passionate about the water.   TRISWIM was specifically formulated by swimmers for swimmers therefore, we know first-hand what swimmer’s hair and skin endures and how to repair.

SBR SPORT’S and TRISWIM after-swim care line is passionate about producing an exceptional line to help the water lover stay in the water without dry, painful, irritated skin or hair issues. Quitting due to being uncomfortable is not an option. TRISWIM eliminates the problems of swimming and allows the swimmer to swim comfortably. SBR SPORTS motto: Keeping you comfortable | Keeping you active!