TRISLIDE continuous spray skin lubricant was originally introduced to the market to help triathletes ease on their tight triathlon wetsuits. Quickly, we discovered that runners were using TRISLIDE to prevent blistering and skin chafing and cyclists to protect against chamois chafing. Realizing that TRISLIDE was an effective and innovative alternative to the anti-chafe sticks and creams on the market, running retailers began requesting a smaller can with a different name. SKIN SLICK was born. 

Many people ask what the difference is between SKIN SLICK and TRISLIDE?  The difference between SKIN SLICK and TRISLIDE is simply the size of the can and the name of product. SKIN SLICK is a 1.5 oz can, and is marketed to the run, pharmacy, and swimming (tech suits) industry. TRISLIDE is a 4 oz can, and is marketed to the triathlon, and cycling market.